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EduSeries by The Sustainable Angle - Library License

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EduSeries by The Sustainable Angle - Library License

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EduSeries is a new suite of tools and resources designed to support university tutors and course leaders in teaching their students about the significant environmental impacts of materials, the commercially-available sustainable material alternatives and emerging innovations.

The EduSeries created by The Sustainable Angle seeks to inform and educate on the place of specific fibre categories in a preferred materials mix, and their important place in reshaping and creating a responsible, sustainable and restorative fashion industry.

Materials play a critical role in building a fashion industry that places people and planet as priorities, and in creating equitable economic systems that replace current unsustainable, polluting and waste generating models. The EduSeries draws upon our teaching experiences, to support a re-imagined fashion industry where creativity and designing for sustainability contributes positively, showing how that fashion can be a vehicle for change.

The Sustainable Angle’s Fibre Categories EduSeries delivers a ‘plug and play’ solution that can be easily adapted to lecture theatre and/or workshop delivery for use by academics with some sustainability knowledge of fibres, or to support and enhance course leaders’ and lecturers existing teaching. Supporting content for each module has been designed to resonate with the learning experience, both within a teaching scenario, and as reference material with relevance to the professional context post graduation.

The series is supported by a directory of commercially available qualities from our Future Fabrics Virtual Expo.

The EduSeries is available in multiple formats, for easy integration into various teaching styles and scenarios, providing lecturers and academics with maximum autonomy for integration into existing course structure.

The EduSeries (1st Edition) includes:


  • Each module is comprised of a video and audio Powerpoint recorded fibre specific lecture
  • Modules include Introduction, Cotton, Plant Fibres, Protein Fibres, Regenerated Cellulosics, and Synthetics
  • A PDF presentation of the fibre specific content


  • Materials Resource Sourcing Directory - Special Student Edition PDF with SMOQs to enable the connection of learning to actual materials

  • Key globally recognised certifications matrices, showing alignment of the UNSDGs

  • Glossary Book of Definitions


  • A2-page summary document for each module of key points, facts and highlights
  • Useful links for for further learning for each module

Please note Eduseries is a multi-user license (group purchase). If you require facilitation with the purchase for a library, feel free to contact us at

Testimonials from the Academic Community: 

"Super useful, many thanks for compiling this complex field so clearly!" 

"It's so brilliant. Thank you, I will be sharing this with costume students, who usually need small quantities."

"Great resources, much needed, thank you!"

"This is amazing..I'm looking forward to referring students to this on Ask." 

"This looks fantastic, thank you for such a wonderful resource!"  

"Am excited to start using this resource with students." 

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6 Fibre Category Modules
£1500 one-off fee
Fibre Specific Handout
Sourcing Directory
Certifications Matrix