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Future Fabrics Expo Report & Sourcing Directory 2020


is a summary toolkit of sustainable sourcing solutions to help the fashion industry make informed and responsible material choices in the textile supply chain. This exclusive, downloadable guide aims to inspire brands to diversify their material choices, broaden their fibre base and explore innovations for the future.

What You'll Get:

  • 153 pages of core principles, strategies, key concepts and frameworks for sustainable sourcing.
  • Gain insight into the environmental issues and impacts of six different fibre and material categories. (ie Grown from Nature: Cellulose from Plants, Grown from Nature: Protein Fibre from Animals, Natural Source Man Made Fibres, Leather and Alternative Materials, Recycled Materials and the New Economy, Water and Chemical Pollution)
  • Get inspired by our selection of innovations and material trends.
  • Over 70 pages of mills and suppliers from the Future Fabrics Expo showcase, who are producing sustainable innovative materials with a lower environmental impact.
  • Link to watch complete videos of the 9th Future Fabrics Expo Seminar Series


About The Sustainable Angle 

The Future Fabrics Expo was conceived and created by Swiss not-for- profit organisation The Sustainable Angle. We were founded in 2010 to initiate and support projects that lower the environmental impact of industry and society. The fashion and textile industries are amongst the worlds most polluting, and thus became the main focus of our work. The Future Fabrics Expo was initiated to effect positive change within the industry by connecting and promoting innovators and suppliers of sustainable materials with fashion brands. In order to achieve this, we established a set of criteria and researching sustainable materials that meet this critera became our main task. We contextualize this activity with the provision of much needed educational information regarding sustainability in textiles, via workshops and informative events.

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Future Fabrics Expo Report Sourcing Directory (PDF)

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Future Fabrics Expo Report & Sourcing Directory 2020

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